This Mother's Day you can find A FINE MEDLEY flowers at: 

Toronto Flower Market, 1001 Queen West Toronto, May 13th 10am-3pm

KOTN, 754 Queen St W, Toronto: I will have pre-made bouquets available as well as be onsite designing Sat, May 13th 4-7pm and Sunday May 14th 11am-4pm

To pre-order for either of these locations please send an email to with these details: 

What is your flower budget? (min $45)
Vase or Hand-Tied? (vase $10 extra)
Who are the flowers for? (need a name for tag)
Do you have a love note you'd like to include on my stationary? 
What date and time will you be picking up (May 13th or 14th) and where? 
What is your contact number?

If in Hamilton you can pre-order a mother's day arrangement to be picked up at my studio on Friday May 12th. 

Images by Lauren Kolyn

Images by Lauren Kolyn

"More than anything, I must have flowers always, always" - Claude Monet

Flowers are perfect sculptures of nature's fleeting beauty. They are an experience of joy and heartbreak all at once, carrying a transcendental power, moving us beyond reason and reminding us of the mystery of life. They connect us to ourselves and our landscape, providing a hauntingly beautiful relief from our deeper questionings. This is why they grace a room in celebrations of birth and in mourning death; to evoke emotion in us whether it be happiness, thankfulness or assistance in our grief. 

Remember, a room is at it’s best with flowers. They show us that a space is nurtured and cared for. They are otherworldly, revealing the present moment but also the passage of time, all in one glance. This is what makes them so remarkable. 


Inspired by the variety in nature’s landscape; texture, colour, depth, composition and frame, my arrangements reflect the way they’d grow in a garden. Naturally wild yet artfully composed, I create unique floral designs and conceptual pieces made of: flowers, foliage, fruits, herbs, branches, twigs and foraged materials, capturing the uncultivated organic world. I will always consider the room in which the flowers will be displayed and will maintain a sculptural grace. Attention is given to seasonal and local materials when possible. 

Each arrangement is designed uniquely for you. Colour and variety can vary from week to week and season to season. If you have a specific request please give at least 2 weeks notice for your order.

Please note, because of the custom nature of our events business, our ability to make single local deliveries is on a case-by-case basis. Email me to check availability; if I’m not able to accommodate you, I’ll happily recommend someone who can.

General Pricing

Hand Tied Bouquet: $35-$45+

Petite Arrangements: $50 - $75

Medium Arrangements: $75-$100

Large Arrangements: $150 +

Statement Piece or Standard: $300 +

Caring for Cut Flowers

  • Your flowers are thirsty when they arrive so be sure to give them a big drink, filling the waterline to the top of the vessel. 
  • Use lukewarm water because it provides more oxygen than cold water, helping the flowers last longer.
  • Change the water daily to keep the flowers fresh for longer. You can do this simply by putting your vessel of flowers under a tap of running water, allowing the water to flush over the top and get rid of any bacteria. 
  • When a bloom begins to fade remove it from the arrangement so you can continue to enjoy the rest of the flowers.
  • Vase life of a flower ranges from 4-9 days depending on how hardy the flower is.