PRICING? Floral pricing varies widely and depends on variety, scale, and complexity. Please contact A Fine Medley to receive a custom quote.


DO YOU DELIVER SINGLE ARRANGEMENTS LOCALLY? Because of the custom nature of our events business, our ability to make single local deliveries is on a case-by-case basis. Email me to check availability; if I’m not able to accommodate you, I’ll happily recommend someone who can.


ARE YOU AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL? Absolutely. If I’m travelling outside of Ontario I will need at least 6 months notice to source flowers and materials from local vendors near the events destination.


DO YOU FREELANCE? Yes, just as I travel for events and styling, I also freelance my services to other floral design studios internationally. Contact me if this is of interest to you or you need an extra hand.


ARE YOU ALSO AN EVENT PLANNER? No, we are here to handle the visual items of your day, ensuring that each piece is cohesive and beautiful, but we're happy to partner with wedding planners and coordinators (or with the client directly) to create an aesthetic unique to you. If you are still seeking assistance with event coordination, we'll gladly make a recommendation.


FLOWER CARE? Your flowers are thirsty when they arrive so be sure to give them a big drink, filling the waterline to the top of the vessel. Use lukewarm water because it provides more oxygen than cold water, helping the flowers last longer. To keep flowers fresh for longer change the water daily and when a bloom begins to fade remove it from the arrangement so you can continue to enjoy the rest. Vase life of a flower ranges from 4-9 days depending on how hardy the flower is.