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“In summer and fall I imagined the woods extending infinitely. I was the first human being to see these shadowed trees, this land; I would make my pioneer clearing here, near the water.” Annie Dillard

 A Fine Medley is a botanical art and design studio in Hamilton who strives to work 100% locally through the Ontario Growing season. We believe in ecological farming practices and that flowers should be celebrated from the abundance of the season. We provide custom floral designs, botanical styling, installations and educational workshops for: special events, small gatherings, private and corporate residencies, restaurants, shops, galleries, cultural institutions, editorial, film, and commercial shoots.

Inspired by the variety in nature’s landscape; texture, colour, depth, composition and frame, my arrangements reflect the way they’d grow in a garden. Naturally wild yet artfully composed, each project is uniquely conceptualized to compliment the palette and space in which the flowers will be displayed. To keep with the rhythm of the earth, Jessica farms some flowers, vines, herbs, and woodland blooms on her little urban plot and uses other locally sourced materials from heirloom flower farmers in the green belt of southern Ontario.

A Fine Medley is a boutique floral and design studio that was established in 2014 as a place to further the study of the botanical arts and spark a deep passion for the natural world. 

At A Fine Medley our design philosophy stems from a perspective of sustainability. I'm committed to doing as much as possible to help our earth retain the bounty it gives. To do this,  I use a variety of potted shrubs, plants, trees and flora rather than all cut flowers in my design and forage when possible. This way the remainder of a plant can keep in its natural habitat or can be replanted to continue its growth. I compost and recycle materials wherever possible and work with local heirloom growers where bunches are packed in buckets of water instead of copious amounts of plastic. This 100 km relationship with local flower farmers helps me to reduce fossil fuel emissions used to transport imported varieties. Lastly, it is customary for many florists to use floral foam in their designs. Floral foam is non-biodegradable as well as contains formaldehyde and other carcinogens, which causes harm to: our environment, the people who process it and those who handle it. In order to protect our earth, my customers and myself I choose not to use this product in my designs. Instead, A Fine Medley strives to maintain integrity with the craft of floral design by using safe and earth friendly alternatives. 

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?” 

― Mary Oliver

Jessica Heather Payne, Creative Director and Founder  AFM 

Jessica Heather Payne, Creative Director and Founder  AFM 

I was raised North East of Toronto near Lake Simcoe, where I grew up surrounded by nature’s bounty and its whispering secrets. Ever since I was a young girl I was enamoured with the outdoors. The taste of fresh rhubarb, the fragrance of lilacs and the texture of strata; it's a sort of magical time travel for me. After moving to Hamilton 5 years ago, my unfettered imagination was at work, and slowly, I was drawn back into nature’s rhythm. Flowers and gardening have always been a way for me to connect to my family roots. It was in the garden that I gained an appreciation for the textures, colours and primary configurations of flora. I've always been fascinated with the decorative arts and the Earth’s uncompromising beauty; I believe that together something otherworldly is fabricated. I'm inspired by imperfections, aim to find beauty in the mundane, turn the prosaic into poetry and try to live for each moment as it passes. These days you can find my chronicles and musing on Instagram

I currently reside in Hamilton Ontario.